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Memphremagog Ski Touring Foundation Membership 2013-14


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Dues:    $50 for entire family, $35/individual  ($5.00 day pass per person)

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Please sign Waiver:

I am fully aware of the risks entailed in ski touring, snowshoeing, and other outdoor activities.  I am aware that this includes risk of injury, cold injury, exacerbation of chronic disease, heart attack, death or other unforeseen and unexpected adverse outcomes.  Variable trail conditions can be dangerous.  My participation and that of my family members is entirely voluntary, and I undertake this participation fully aware of the risks to my family and myself.  In the event of adverse event, I will not hold liable the Memphremagog Ski Touring Foundation, its board members, employees, or landowners.


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Other Family Members: _____________________________ 






Rentals for adults are season long,  for members only: $50 per season gets you a basic package. You can also trade up for single days to available high performance gear. Let Bob Primeau know via if you are interested. Supplies limited and reasonable breakage fees will apply. Youth ski rentals continue through our Bill Koch club.


1. What do you want to see improved or changed?


2. What is a reasonable fee for our season’s pass? (Current rates don’t cover costs)

3.   Do you ski primarily at the Mt Hor site?


Return to Peter Harris, 334-7676,                                                    More info at

  PO Box 499, Derby Line, VT 05830

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