Check out these pictures from last year's winter skiing at the MSTF site!
looking south on the bike path on Dec 17th 4:00 pm after a 5" snowfall....and somebody beat the groomers!!

looking north.. same day... can't wait to ski

Jan 19th.. after a short jaunt on the bike path I head into Primeau's woods

Jan 19th.. Made it up to MSTF Barn.. what a view with Lake Memphremagog in the background
Jan 19th.. After some heaving polling I got to the top and had a nice little down hill before heading up to the pines
Jan 19th... the new aptly named Cathedral Pines Loop.. wow..nice!
Jan 19th.. after the 2km ski in the pines I head back down and come acroos this neat Vermont scene...x-country ski trail with a rustic barn seen through the beech and maple trees

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