The Club: Here is some more info about the club, Memphremagog Bill Koch Ski Club.  We are about kids and families having fun on skis. Racing is available and I encourage it, but few of our kids race. Bill Koch is a Vermonter from Brattleboro, who remains the only American to have medaled in Nordic at the Olympics (in the 70's). He lent his name to a nationwide network of nordic ski programs for kids. In New England, these are organized under the umbrella of NENSA , which organizes racing and other events at every level and age group. To ski with our club we have generally not required NENSA membership, which costs another $25 (see below). However your child does have to join if they want to race or participate at any other venue, including the New england-wide Bill Koch Festival in early March. I certainly encourage joining NENSA, as it will plug you into a much broader network of skiers and events. New this year, the club will pick up half the cost of the NENSA membership.  
Weather Cancellations - I will post here! In general if the absolute temp is under 5 F or windchill under 0. 

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The Memphremagog Ski Touring Foundation, , is going strong with some new trails. If you want to join, help, donate time or money, or just find out more, contact Peter (766-8002) or Bob P.

A word about skiing with younger kids (3-6): This works best if you love to ski, and you want to bring your young child along with you. Keep it short, and be prepared to change your plans. We will always offer programming for tots but it doesn’t always work!

Remember, Bill Koch is a family club, not just an after-school Program! Get out on the snow and use the season’s events to ski at some new places!   


Rentals and Costs:  
Club Membership        $ 10/kid, max 25 per family. Reduced to $5 per kid if family has an MSTF season pass.
Rentals -   Kids             $ 25 basic,     35 high end (includes skate and classic)

                Adults           $ 50 (one pair of skis but you are then allowed to take out  high end equipment for the day as desired. Adults must be MSTF members to rent). 

NENSA (optional)           $25/kid, $35 for first adult in the family. Be sure to indicate that you have a club affiliation with us.
Schedule:  You cannot rent on normal club ski days until after skiing is done!!!
We plan to start skiing here at the usual time, meaning  Tuesdays as close to 3:30 as possible (3:45 seems to be about as well as we are able), going until dark or 5 PM. First day of skiing Jan 4. For those parents picking up, the kids will end up at the barn drinking hot chocolate as it gets dark. 
If any other parents would like to take this to more than one day per week, I would be happy to support that , but can't be there for coaching. Also, I would like to take an informal pole as to how many families would have an interest in doing a race or two on weekends (both here and at one of the other northeastern clubs). 

Carpooling - Finally, if you have any interest in carpooling, send back info on what school or town, how many kids you have and how many you could carry. Respect the van...

See you on snow soon,
Ellie and Bob Primeau, 334-1357  

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